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Self-Paying Section

Self-Paying%20Section detail
Detailed List of Self-Paying Items of Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Charges of Registration, Ward, Copy and Detailed List of All Expenses

Category and Name / Self-Paying Expense (NTD)

1.Registration Fee for Outpatient Service/ 50
2.Registration Fee for Emergency Treatment/ 200
3.Difference for Ward/ Single Ward: 2,000/day
4.Case History Summary/ 200 (NTD 5/copy for an additional copy)
5.Copy Fee for X-ray/CT/MRI : 200/copy for each item. 500 is charged at most for various items.
6.Copy Fee for Case History: 5/copy
7.Copy of Examination Report (10 copies or less) 20
Receipt Proof Stamp or Copying Fee for Receipt or Certificate : 5/copy
8.Proof of Hospitalization Medical Expenses : 50/copy
9.Proof of Outpatient Medical Expenses : 50/copy
Charges of Various Diagnoses

1.Type A Diagnosis¡XChinese 500/copy
2.Type A Diagnosis¡XEnglish 1,000/copy
Type B Diagnosis¡XChinese 100/copy
3.Type B Diagnosis¡XEnglish 300/copy
4.Injury Diagnosis¡XChinese 1,000/copy
5.Diagnosis for Military Service¡XChinese 500/copy
6.Birth Certificate¡XChinese 100/copy
7.Birth Certificate¡XEnglish 200/copy
8.Death Certificate¡XChinese Free of charge for the first three copies, and a NTD 100 fee is charged for each additional copy.
9.Death Certificate¡XEnglish Free of charge for the first three copies, and a NTD 200 fee is charged for each additional copy.
10.Certificate of Diagnosis 50/copy
11.Diagnosis of Sexual Assault 300/copy
12.Diagnosis for Labor Insurance, Agricultural Insurance, Government Employee and School Staff Insurance and for the Disabled 500/copy
13.Diagnosis of Specific Illnesses and Disability for Foreign Caretaker 1,000/copy
14.Assessment Fee for Adopted Equipment and Devices 500/copy

15.Disability Rating Scale 500 NTD/copy
All types of Meals

1.Meals (full day) 180NTD
2.Meals ¡V breakfast 45 NTD
3.Meals ¡V Lunch 65 NTD
4.Meals ¡V Dinner 70 NTD
5.General treatment diets (full day) 210 NTD
6.General Treatment diets ¡V breakfast 55 NTD
7.General Treatment diets ¡V Lunch 75 NTD
8.General Treatment diets ¡V dinner 80 NTD
9.After birth diets (full day) 500 NTD
10.After birth diets ¡V breakfast 100 NTD
11.After birth diets ¡V lunch 200 NTD
12.After birth diets ¡V dinner 200 NTD
Fees for special materials after National Health Insurance reimbursement

1.Medicated vascular stent 59452 ~ 65692 NTD
2.Ceramic Artificial Hip Joint 58298 NTD
3.Intraocular Lens with special functions 27719 ~ 58319 NTD
4.Artificial pacemaker with new function categories 30400 ~ 40000 NTD
Medicine and Supplies fee (20% surplus)

9 items: Bed transfer fee, milling fee, hospitalization cancellation fees, extended treatment fees, early doctor visits fee, examination scheduling fee, appointments or examination fees, appointed physician fee, registration surplus fee No cost

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