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Suggestions for Outpatient

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Suggestions for Outpatient detail
Orthopedic Surgery Symptoms

Bone fractures, skeletons, dislocations, osteomyelitis, joint degenerations, back pain, arthritis, bone deformities, bone cancer, spinal lesions, humpbacks, osteoporosis
Digestive Surgery Symptoms

General Surgery, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, hernia, laparoscopic surgery, tenesmus
General / Breast Surgery Symptoms

Breast cancer, breast disorders, thyroid tumors, and etc.
Urology Symptoms

Urinary tract stones, trauma, tumors, pediatric urology, hernia, foreskin, male sexual dysfunction, ligation, infertility, female urinary incontinence, prostatic hypertrophy (laser vaporization of the prostate).
Neurosurgery Symptoms

Spinal fractures, spinal cord injury, spinal tumors, pain, tingling, and weakness of the back and lower limbs, peripheral nerve injury

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